How to Limit CPU Frequency on Fedora 28

If you want to limit your laptop’s CPU under Fedora Linux, just like me, this small how-to is what you need. What is it for? Well, there’s a number of reasons. After limiting CPU frequency I got:

  • Better thermal mode
  • Decreasing fan noise level
  • Increasing time without charging
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Fake JUnit test result for Atlassian Bamboo's plan

Hi! Today I going to share with you a little trick, which I used once for one of my Bamboo’s plan. First, Bamboo is a continuous integration server developed by Atlassian. (off topic: This is a holy war’s subject, but Bamboo is a Jenkins’ competitor.=) Anyway, I had to make a check of some parameter after build’s finish. The build was always successful, so Bamboo always mark it as “green”. But my goal was to set it “red” if some metrics was unacceptable. And after a conversation with my skilled colleagues I found a solution.

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Ansible. My own orchestra!

What is Ansible? Ansible’s GitHub repository’s description says, that Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Well, it is. But it’s just words, so let’s dive into Ansible to see how it works.

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